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What Are The Embroidery Threads That Are Commonly Used In Embroidery?

Green House | Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Wool line:

Wool line is larger than the general embroidery line. It is a embroidery line different from others. It is most commonly used in towel embroidery, rope embroidery and chain pin step, which is especially beautiful in knitted fabric, especially for girls' Knitted clothing, soft embroidery effect, and more aesthetic feeling of handicraft. Because of its thick texture, coarse needles should be selected. No. 100 or no. 110 needles are suitable, but we should consider whether they can match cloth. In addition, the line tension should also be relatively loose regulation, for embroidery thread enough space walk.

Polyester embroidery thread:

Polyester is characterized by chemical and frequent washing to reduce the fading and decolorization of clothing, so the hotel uniforms, stone blue jeans, sportswear, or children's clothes are made of polyester silk. In order to prevent the washing out of the water to the maximum extent. Relatively, polyester filament is stronger than rayon. When embroidery, the machine is running at high speed, and the tenacity of polyester line can also bear large tension; so it is often used as embroidery on solid embroidery, cap, shoe, and handbag, and it has high fire resistance. Even if the clothes are close to the flame, it is not easy to touch the fire. The yarn quality of polyester filament is not more stable than that of rayon, but is more elastic. You can cut off an artificial silk thread to test it, pull it with strength, and relax, and you find that the embroidery thread does not shrink; on the contrary, the pulled polyester filament will return to the original length once it is relaxed, so it has a chance to cause the floral fold, so it needs to be more accurate.