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MC1931 Embroidery Custom Patches For Clothing

Green House | Updated: Jun 12, 2018

Nowadays, more and more sales of custom-made links have been made. More and more customers have come to make inquiries and want to custom own design embroidered patches. Some of them are bought to iron on clothes, some of them are printed on bags, and they are used for different purposes. . Today, another old customer has had 200 customized orders in our shop. Customers trust our products and recognize our quality. Moreover, we have the advantage of price, and the high-quality service makes us win the favor of customers. We have always been customer-oriented, so that customers can have benefits and win-win. 99% of customers have received good reviews after purchasing the product. They also hope that they will have more in the future, and they will be accompanied by photos that will allow more people to see our embroidery patches more intuitively.We will also work hard to improve our shortcomings, serve each customer well, and satisfy every customer.